Aquafaba Meringues

I’ve been super intrigued by aquafaba for over a year now, but always been too chicken to try it out. I just couldn’t translate salty chickpea brine into a sweet dessert. But after I had a friend request some cheap and easy vegan and gluten free desserts for a party, I agreed to give them a try! 

The recipe I used was by Meringue Girls. I’ve also heard that a ratio of 1:1 aquafaba to caster sugar works as well, but I’ve not tried it. The trick is to find a brand of chickpeas that has a thick brine – I used Annalisa brand.

I stayed away from food colouring since I’m unsure which are gluten free, plus I wasn’t sure about how it would affect the consistency or how these would turn out. Obviously they turned out really well! I’m really pleased at the shape since I wasn’t sure that the rose would hold.

The only thing I found is that they’re a bit salty – obviously since they’re made from a brine! I think the only way to avoid that is to try and make your own aquafaba from soaking dried chickpeas, rather than use brine from a can. Otherwise I think if you paired them with a sweet dessert or a rich chocolate, or even a tart citrus flavour, I think that would be enough to mask the taste.

Now that I’ve tried it, I’m very excited to be able to make vegan lemon meringue pies for my friends!