Harry Potter-inspired Cauldron Cake

A little while ago, my friend asked me to bake a Harry Potter themed cake for her sister Harriet’s birthday. 

“Sure,” I said. Then she asked if it could be a cauldron.

“Oh,” I said.

For awhile, I debated how to execute the rounded shape of a cauldron. For some reason the idea of a round cake tin was really daunting to me, particularly having a round cake as the base underneath a bunch of other layers of cake. Baking a regular cake and carving out the rounded shape crossed my mind too.

In the end, I rent with hiring a spherical cake tin from Cake Tinz ‘n’ Thingz in Balcatta. I’d forgotten you can hire cake tins there, which is way easier/lighter on the purse than buying cake tins you may only use a handful of times in your life. I used an 8″ spherical tin, then stacked two 8″ cakes on top of it to make the basic body of the cauldron. I goofed the first time and used baking paper around the sides of the spherical tin, but the paper kinda folded into the cake and actually caused the cake to fall apart when I tried to remove it. So I had to bake a second time and actually trust the cake would come out on its own with just a spray of oil.

The second cake came out fine, by the way.

I hollowed out the top of the topmost cake by carving out maybe a third of it, then frosted the whole cake with some store-bought black buttercream. I then filled out the hollowed out section with red and yellow M&Ms (Gyffindor colours were requested), plus red and yellow giant round chocolates that I happened upon that were really cool. 

Finally, I rolled out a handle out of black fondant (which sagged in the middle by the end, but oh well), and piped ‘Happee Birthdae Harry’ on the side, in a homage to the cake Hagrid makes for Harry when they first meet.

Despite my cake dramas, I had a lot of fun making it! I definitely went outside of my comfort zone for this but I feel like it went pretty well in the end. Can’t wait for the next Harry Potter cake! 


Halloween Harry Potter Cakes

It’s Christmas Eve, so I thought I better post what I did for Halloween, haha. My friend Jordan asked me to make cakes for her Harry Potter themed 25th. I had a blast coming up with different cake ideas! Everything was vegan which added that extra level of challenging, but it was worth it. Sorry for the dark photos, I took a lot of them at night time. Many thanks to my friend Gerry for lightening them up so they were somewhat usable!

The centrepiece cake was vanilla with a coconut caramel sauce layer. The icing was a bit sloppy but it kind of works on this cake. I topped with popcorn, pretzels, Oreos, and shards of chocolate bark I made from dark and vegan white chocolate.

I also made sorting hat cakes, and filled with vegan hard candy, so when you bit into the cake coloured candy would spill out, revealing your house! I used fondant for the sorting hats. Really chuffed with how these turned out!

Last but not least, I made pumpkin spice cupcakes, topped with a glace cherry painted in orange dust to look like a miniature pumpkin. I wanted to use glitter but orange glitter was not available. Still, pretty pleased with the result.

I had a blast making these for Jordan and I can’t wait to make more magical cakes in the future!

Jellybean Rainbow Cake

So one of my baking resolutions for 2014 is to bake more full sized cakes and practice frosting them properly! (My other baking resolution is to successfully make macarons).


Anyway, this is a cake for my friend Shamini who is moving to Melbourne. It’s vaguely inspired by the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from the Harry Potter series, and also by rainbows (fitting because Shamini and I are big HP fans, and she was one of my first openly gay friends). The cake itself is just a simple chocolate cake recipe from Women’s Day; the frosting is Betty Crocker brand.


As you can see I’m a novice cake froster, but I did manage to do okay at the sides, I thought. That’s until I started prematurely adding jellybeans before allowing the frosting to set, causing miniature jellybean frosting avalanches.

Stupid gravity.

Overall though I’m pretty pleased with the results! It’s fun and colourful, just like my friend. I hope she likes it!