Plastic Free July: Week 3

I did a couple shops this week. First my usual shop at my local farmers’ market, where I get all my fruit and veg, as well as bread, cheese, and eggs. I get my partner’s meat from a local butcher.

I also went to a bulk food store I hadn’t been to before, that was not too far from me. I heard it was a great place to get washing powder, which is what I’d run out of this week. On top of that, it turns out it did a lot of snacks and treats in bulk, as well as flour and lots of gluten free products.

One thing I’m finding difficult is making the treats last. I think I need to portion them out into smaller jars, so I don’t just end up eating a whole massive jar of veggie chips or what have you in one go. Right now, the thing I am struggling with the most is how much plastic we are still accumulating, even when making all these changes. While a lot of it is plastic that is slowly being phased out, it’s still kind of disheartening to see. Hopefully the amount of single use plastic will slowly dissipate over time.


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