Plastic Free July: Week 2

This week was hard.

Nick and I love pre-packaged snacks, potato chips in particular. Nick is also really specific about his morning ritual of a cigarette and a carton of iced coffee. I’ve never seen him go more than a day or two without one, so asking him to go a whole month was probably a bit much for him. He lasted ten days before finally cracking (or getting caught with one), bless him.

I deleted my week two shop photo off my phone, forgetting I wanted to blog it, but I have it posted on my Instagram here. Results were mixed this week; while we successfully managed to get all our food without plastic, including ham and tofu, it wasn’t without hiccups. A miscommunication with our local butcher meant that plastic bags were used to then put Nick’s meat into the container, which kind of defeats the purpose of the containers in the first place! It was kind of frustrating, but you can only just kinda try better and be clearer about your purpose next time.

I did make a really awesome orange and almond cake this week though, using oranges from my parents’ tree, eggs from my boss, and leftover almond meal from my homemade almond milk. I didn’t bother drying out the almond meal beforehand; the result was an incredibly moist cake (albeit a very precarious one to get out of the cake tin).

I’ve been looking at non-food related plastic items in my household too, and trying to think of ways to minimise/eliminate them. So far this week I’ve replaced toilet paper wrapped in plastic with paper-wrapped and 100% recycled toilet paper, plastic single-use feminine hygiene products with reusable ones, as well as a stainless steel straw and a reusable glass coffee cup. Given that I am pretty conscious of how poor I am, it’s going to be a slow process replacing everything, and some things, like my plastic storage Tupperware, for example, just seems more sustainable to leave alone as is rather than replacing. But so far I am really enjoying this process of reducing my footprint and my waste output as best as I can, and getting rid of unecessary plastic in my household.

Also, cake. Cake is pretty good too.


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