Reign in Mud Slayer Cake 

One of my favourite people in the world recently moved back to Perth after living in Melbourne for about five years. I wanted to make him an awesome cake to welcome him home, and came up with this Slayer cake. Since Tom is lactose intolerant I made it completely dairy free. I used a Mississippi mud cake recipe (found here), and substituted the butter for margarine.

I made a chocolate ganache by melting 200g of dark chocolate, taking off the heat to cool a bit, then adding about a quarter of a cup of full fat coconut cream. I was worried it might curdle or something, but it was actually super nice and glossy!

Aww yiss.

To decorate, I made a really quick icing out of icing sugar and margarine, and piped it out into the star shape. I think the cake was still a bit warm, which is why the icing looks a bit… suspect. Anyway. I then rolled out some red fondant, cut out the letters, and laid them onto the cake. I had the letters pre-arranged on the base of the cake tin that I baked the cake, so that I knew they would fit.

This cake was honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever made, I think I ended up eating more of the cake than anyone else! It went great with the boxed wine that was also gifted 😉


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