Rainbow Cupcakes


Baking is just a hobby for me, but I’ve been very lucky that friends and family have approached me to make cupcakes for special occassions. I’ve done birthdays, engagements and even a couple of weddings, and it blows my mind sometimes that a rookie like me gets requests for my cakes. Crazy! This time, a friend of mine asked me to make some cupcakes as a thank you gift for the doctors and nurses at Princess Margaret Hospital. Her son J has been very sick the last few months that involved him having to be revived twice and staying in the ICU for several weeks. It sounded like a very scary time and I can’t imagine the stress that she and her partner (and little J) went through!


To that end, I wanted to make some bright and cheery cupcakes now that J is getting better. This is by no means a new idea, but I’ve always wanted to make these rainbow cupcakes. They’re so simple but so clever! And super cute! The cupcakes themselves are a simple vanilla with blue and white buttercream. The rainbow sour straps were a bonus for me, since as someone who doesn’t eat gelatine, I could eat the leftovers! Haha. I also topped the clouds with a fine silver glitter spray, and sprinkles. Yay!


I made some extra for mum and dad, plus some to match my leggings šŸ˜‰



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