Canada Day Cupcakes


This week, my brother left for Canada. It’s only his second time overseas and he’ll be gone for about six months! To send him off, I made some vegan maple flavoured cupcakes for him and his friends to enjoy at his going away party last weekend.


Unbeknownst to me, my local supermarket chain has discontinued my usual go-to brand of vegan fondant, so in a panic I decided to make my own using glucose syrup, corn flour, icing sugar and gel food colouring. Handmaking fondant was really messy and a bit tedious, so I hope to find a replacement fondant brand soon! It worked okay, just a bit soft. I think next time I will try and chill the fondant a little bit before cutting out any shapes from it, to avoid wilted looking maple leaf toppers.


I’m not sure if he did it deliberately or if it was a coincidence, but my brother made it to Vancouver just in time for Canada Day! Happy Canada Day, Canadians!


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