Gingerbread Brownie Cereal Bowl


I’d been planning something really special for my pal Ness for her birthday, but then we won a cake on Instagram from Sugar and Nice in Inglewood, so we ate that instead.

(Here it is. It’s so good. And all the better for being free. I love the internet).


Even we can’t eat too much cake in one weekend, so we spread the birthday fun over two weeks. I had the idea of making a sweet cereal-inspired cake, since Ness is the most cereal-obsessed person I know. This idea went through heaps of evolutions – a custard, a white chocolate fudge with cereal bits, a panna cotta, until I finally decided on an edible cereal bowl.


I went with gingerbread for the bowl, and moulded it around the only oven-proof bowls I have. Deciding what to fill the bowls with was a tough choice, but eventually I settled on brownie bits, because brownies are the best. Ness makes the best brownies in the whole wide world, and I’d never actually made brownies before, so there was a lot of pressure to make good brownies. I stuck to a recipe in a random cookbook and it paid off! Very tasty and dense and chewy.


Figuring out what to do for the ‘milk’ part was hard. Gingerbread bowls aren’t exactly the most architecturally sound food vessels, after all. Eventually I came up with meringue fluff, since Ness (and I) loves that shit. The meringue came out runnier than I wanted, but at least in a semi-liquid state it looked like milk. Topped with the most colourful cereal (Froot Loops), plus sprinkles, made for a lot of good times.


I met Ness at the park so we could watch the ducks and eat our feelings. The bowls kind of fell apart on the walk to the park, which was a bummer. Luckily I brought emergency wet wipes and napkins. I think the gingerbread was a bit soft and because it was a square bowl, not round, it wasn’t as structurally sound. But other than that it looked and tasted SO GOOD. Pretty stoked with how everything came together.



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