Nobody Likes You When You’re 23: Blink182 Birthday Cupcakes


Back in August, I made some Dillinger Escape Plan cupcakes as an offering to the band at the show. At the time, my friend mentioned in passing that she’d like some Blink182 cupcakes for her birthday. Fast forward to March, and I decided to give it a crack for her 23rd birthday (because as they say, nobody likes you when you’re 23). First off, I cut out circles of rolled out fondant using a round cookie cutter.


To make the watercolour effect, I used various gel food colouring mixed with white rum (you can use any white spirit, like vodka). The idea is that the vodka should evaporate, leaving your design to dry. However, it can be tricky getting the colour:alcohol ratio right; too little and the food colouring is too dark, too much and your fondant/whatever you’re painting on can get too wet, even factoring in evaporation. Here I have a teal colouring with a pale pink – I didn’t have a bright pink so it doesn’t 100% match the colours of the actual Blink logo, but that’s okay, I think.


Next, I used a smaller round cookie cutter to gently indent the inside of the fondant shapes. This was to guide me when I painted the black outline for the outside of the logo. It worked really well, although it did present a problem when trying to paint the little arrows in the logo which came later.


Here they are fully painted! The black never really dried properly, and I think that’s due to not mixing with alcohol enough. I think I was afraid too much ethanol would separate the different colours that make up the black in the food colouring itself. The arrows look a bit dodgy, having that tiny dent made it hard to make the arrows really arrow-shaped, but also I just wasn’t very good at painting on arrows, haha.


The cupcakes themselves were a simple vanilla recipe with a buttercream frosting. I was pretty happy overall with the outcome, and excited to do more cupcakes like this!


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