New Mixer! And Blackforest Cupcakes

I got my first standing mixer for Christmas from my mum! She’d actually bought it for herself in a sale before deciding it was too small, haha. Classic mum. I don’t mind though because free things!


I mean, it’s no KitchenAid, but it’s pretty cute. The mixer is detachable from the stand and also comes with dough hooks; will be interesting to try make some dough with it. The first thing I made with it (pictured here) were some vegan chocolate cupcakes to serve as a base for blackforest cakes.


The cupcakes were for a picnic! I had some leftover cherries from Christmas and some cherry jam, so decided to make blackforest cakes – completely forgetting one of my friends can’t stand blackforest! Gah. Oh well.


I love glitter cherries!


We had a great day eating snacks in the sun and having a great time! Following photo by my lovely friend Paige:



2 thoughts on “New Mixer! And Blackforest Cupcakes

  1. Stand mixers are the best! I have a bright pink kitchen aid which I love! I love being able to leave it beating away while I chop or prepare other ingredients.
    Yay for stand mixers 🙂

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