Nick’s Birthday Cake

I’ve been really slow with updating, which is a hallmark to my tendency to put things off as long as physically possible. I have no excuse, I’m just the worst.

Anyway, Nick’s birthday was back in November, and his cake was essentially just a vessel for a pile of chocolate. My boy loves chocolate, and who can blame him! So this time, a cookies and cream cheesecake number with some of the best of the $1 chocolate bar special at Woolworths had to offer.


Also some strawberries for like, nutrition, or something.



Stylistically, I was going for the chaotic whimsy of the team at Unbirthday Bakery (check ’em out on Instagram). Their cakes just look so insane and amazing, and they have a strict no fondant policy which I admire because fondant is gross. I myself try to avoid as much as possible (but am also not very good at that). I’m also not very good at piling chocolate together in as artful or skilful a way as they do, but they’re professionals so whatever.



And that is how to give your loved one a trip to the dentist for their birthday.


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