Halloween Slime Monster Cupcakes


For Halloween this year I wasn’t sure what to make. I didn’t want it to be particularly creepy, just a bit spooky. The result was some Monsters Inc.-esque cupcakes! Other than the candy corn, they are completely vegan. Woo hoo!


How good are googly eyes on everything! I was unhappy with how these looked until I put the eyes on. Goofy eyes fix everything. The cupcakes themselves are a vanilla filled with my vegan lemon curd (recipe a couple posts back), topped with vegan copha frosting and of course the slime!


The slime is made of a combination of icing sugar, corn flour, vanilla essence, water, and a dash of lemon juice. It was originally purple in colour but the lemon juice turned it a crazy blue! So weird!

Overall, pretty pleased with how these turned out. Cutesy monster cakes that are rad and delicious! Yay!


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