Vegetarian Turkish Delight Cake + Sandwich Train


One of my work friends turned 30 last week, so I wanted to bake him a cake. I went with another friend’s suggestion of a Turkish Delight cake, even though I’ve never made Turkish Delight before. I was then faced with the challenge of making it gelatin-free as we have vegetarians at my workplace. I like to try cater to as many people as possible, because it must suck to have to miss out all the time. This is the reason why many of my cakes are vegan and/or dairy free, especially cakes I take into work, as one of my bosses is allergic to dairy.


So, vegan/vegetarian Turkish Delight! I followed a recipe that I found on, replacing the gelatin with a Queens food product called gel-it-in, a plant-based substitute for gelatin. It worked really well, but I did panic because the recipe made it sound like it should have been runnier than it was. So I added more water, and I think it made the ‘jelly’ susceptible to melting a lot. It still stayed solid when cold, but kept sweating a lot. I think next time I try this I will stick to the allotted liquid amount and see if it makes a difference! It might just be the way plant-based jelly is…


I didn’t really know how to best incorporate the Turkish Delight into a cake, so I kind of just plonked it on the top with some pistachios and slivered almonds. That worked well enough. I also made a layer of icing using water, cocoa, icing sugar and margarine to kind of try and fix everything into place.


I also made a sandwich train!!! Before my friends’ birthday we’d been on a field trip together where we stayed at a cattle station. There was a really cute vintage book called 50 Great Sandwiches, one of which was a sandwich shaped like a train. I actually kind of regret not stealing that book, haha!



The train had alternating carriages of ham and cheese, or cucumber sandwiches. My favourite part is the beetroot iron ore, hehe!



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