Chocolate ‘Sundae’ Cupcakes {Vegan}


I had another friend’s birthday this week! My good friend that used to be my baking buddy at work until she left earlier this year. I’m the sole baker at work now and it makes me a bit sad. I wanted to make something special seeing as she was one of my favourite people at work and we are still good friends. So I came up with the idea of cupcakes that look like little sundaes! I took them with me to our little breakfast meet up in Cottesloe. Needless to say post-breakfast dessert should be a thing all the time…


I felt like doing just sundae cupcakes wasn’t special enough, so I covered some fresh cherries in glitter. It worked a treat! I originally got the idea when I was in Liverpool earlier this year, at a cupcakery called Custom Cupcake Co. I was worried it wouldn’t stick, but it was super easy to brush on. I think the condensation on the cherries was enough for the glitter to stick. Hooray!


The waffle baskets are store-bought. I baked some vegan cupcakes in the regular way (recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World), took them out of the cupcake papers, and topped with frosting made with copha, icing sugar, margarine, vanilla essence and soy milk. I then topped the cupcake with melted dark chocolate, chopped nuts, sprinkles, and of course a glitter cherry. I was careful not to put the cupcake into a waffle basket until the last minute, to prevent the waffle basket from going all soft.


Pretty cupcake glittering in the morning sun 🙂



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