Cake for India

I have actually written and rewritten this about a million times and each time it’s felt like I’ve gotten too personal and into too much detail. I baked this cake for my friend who is going through a rough time. I almost didn’t post pictures of this cake up, but the whole reason I wanted to start this blog was to keep a record of all the different sorts of baking and techniques I’ve attempted, and I did try a bunch of different shit on this cake that definitely needs some tweaking for next time.

So I’m going to avoid the back story and focus on the cake, because I don’t want to make a soppy story out of a struggle that isn’t my own.



I’ve mentioned before that one of my favourite cake-related Instagram accounts is Katherine Sabbath. I’ve also recently discovered one called Unbirthday Bakery which does the most incredible looking cakes. I used those two accounts as my inspiration for this, al beit a real amateurish version.


I also tried dip-dyeing merigues in a mixture of food colouring and vodka to water it down and get a watercolour kind of effect. I’d read online that vodka is a better choice over water (hah) because it theoretically evaporates off and doesn’t leave a sticky mess. Well, it worked… eventually. The meringues still went kind of soggy and just didn’t look nice, but they did eventually dry. I let my boyfriend eat those. Ha! I ended up using plain white meringues for the actual cake.

The cake itself was a disaster. I tried a different recipe which just fell apart; tiering the cake was a nightmare and it ended up being lopsided as hell. I also tried that drippy royal icing look that looks really awesome… but botched it by making it too runny. Here is a side picture to demonstrate:


Yeah…. gross.

It was a big learning curve, and I have definitely learnt a lot for next time! My friend appreciated it which is all I wanted out of it. Hopefully the next time I bake her a cake it won’t look like such a hot mess.


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