Star Wars Day Cupcakes


Earlier this year I went to England and one of my favourite stores (I did a lot of shopping) was a homewares chain called Lakeland. I bought a lot of ridiculous things from there, including some Star Wars chocolate moulds.

I’ve had a crazy field season with work and have been back and forth to the Pilbara region here in WA for the last couple of months. My last trip of the season was scheduled for this week, and I was super sad because I was going to miss out on Star Wars Day, aka the only real excuse to use the ridiculous chocolate moulds, haha. But then my trip got postponed due to a late cyclone in the area flooding the roadways! And so I was able to make some (crappily executed) cupcakes!


Blurry photo but you get the idea. I even painted the C3POs gold, haha. Pretty pleased with myself!


One thought on “Star Wars Day Cupcakes

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