Giant Fairy Bread Almond Cake {dairy and gluten free}


Over the last few months we’ve been planning a ’90s themed birthday party for my friend Ali. My job was to bake the cake. I wanted to emulate something from my childhood, and eventually landed on the idea of a giant piece of fairy bread. I think I originally saw the idea for a fairy bread cake over at the Raspberri Cupcakes blog. So clever!

I also wanted the cake to be able to be eaten by everyone at the party. This meant gluten-free for my coeliac friend, and dairy-free for my friend who is a strict vegetarian for ethical reasons. To that end, I used this almond cake recipe by London Bakes, guest blogging for My Darling Lemon Thyme, using a 22cm square tin instead of a round one. I’ve been following Emma from MDLT on social media for a little while now, she’s a great ex-Kiwi turned fellow Perth blogger/foodie with awesome recipes! I want to get her cook book!

Anyway, back to cake. The frosting is my go-to dairy-free/vegan concoction of Copha, margarine and icing sugar, with a little bit of water to thin it out. And topped with A LOT of sprinkles. Like, a lot.

The cake was a raging success at the party! The surprise was also a success, although I think we scared the living bajeezus out of Ali.

Sorry Ali.


Cake cut into traditional fairy bread-style triangles!


Cake and actual fairy bread size comparison.


Enjoying some cake on a Spice Girls plate! I think Scary Spice is enjoying the cake too. 😉


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