Ollie’s First Birthday: A Bug’s Life


This weekend I helped one of my bosses out by baking for her son’s first birthday! The theme was bugs (for our love of entomology).

Because there were lots of young children, the request was to put as little sugar as possible in the cake. So I decided to make a banana cake as bananas are naturally quite sweet, and halved the sugar in the recipe I used. The icing and fondant was obviously chock full of sugar, but could be easily scraped off before being fed to little ones. My boss is also allergic to dairy, so this cake is completely dairy-free! I used coconut cream instead.


This was my first time ever covering a cake in fondant. I am pretty pleased with the result, even though it’s not perfect. You can see where I botched up the top of the head, haha.


I actually forgot the wings until I showed my sister a pic and she pointed it out. I am a terrible entomologist.


I also made little chocolate cupcakes on the day! They were meant to look like little terrariums. Again, completely dairy-free. I used crushed Oreos for the ‘dirt’, and stuck gummy bug lollies into each cake. I also added frosting ‘grass’ and Nerds as ‘pebbles’. Unfortunately this is probably the best photo I have of those…


I also hired my sister to make bug balloons! And I even did some face painting on the day. I am the complete party planner! 😉


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