Un-Valentines Cookies


The boy and I don’t really care for Valentines Day. I’ve never understood when people would get upset that they didn’t have a Valentine (even when I was single), or why people would get upset/stressed if they didn’t get a nice Valentines gift or whatever.

I love themed food though, and reasons to make food look a certain way. When I bake things for holidays and people are like “I had no idea you cared about this”, it’s really awkward trying to explain that I don’t. I just really like food shaped like stuff. I LOVE STUFF. FOOD AND STUFF.


I feel like these cookies aptly capture my apathy while still acknowledging the existence of the holiday. These are vegan sugar cookies topped with fondant. I had a play around with some edible paint as well. I’ve been following a few people on Instagram who just make the most elaborately decorated cookies I’ve ever seen – I hope to get to that level one day!

But for now I’ll be satisfied with heart-shaped cookies that say ‘poop’ on them.