Secret Cake Club + Hamburger Cupcakes


After missing a bunch of meets due to other commitments, I finally got to go to the November Secret Cake Club. The last SCC for the year was located at Table Culture in Subiaco, a really nifty little homewares store.

The theme was party food, which was surprisingly daunting. There were so many potential choices! I tossed up the idea of a fairy bread cake for awhile (which thankfully I didn’t do as someone else did). My friend Ness threw up the idea of hamburger cupcakes, which I eventually went with. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile so why not!


Here they are as ‘cheeseburgers’ – before I added the lettuce and ketchup. To make the ‘buns’ I baked plain vanilla cupcakes. I then made a large flat chocolate cake for the ‘patties’, and cut out the circles using a cookie cutter. I’d intended to do brownies but forgot to buy chocolate at the shops. D’oh. The ‘cheese’ and ‘ketchup’ are made of fondant, and the ‘lettuce’ is a soft buttercream.

To make the sesame seeds stick to the cake ‘bun’, I used a pastry brush to lightly brush some water on the tops before throwing the seeds on the top.


(This picture was taken by Life of Pia).

Cake club provided the goods! There was so much food and so delicious. And lots of savoury! Ness made cupcakes topped with honey joy and chocolate crackle, and my other friend Emma made super delicious sausage rolls.

My favourite treats were caramel popcorn mini eclairs topped with cola macarons, made by a girl named Amie!


So amazing!


Ness’ contribution 🙂



Above picture taken by Pia again.

Overall I’m really pleased with the hamburger cakes; they were a massive hit too! Looking forward to lots of cake club meets in 2015!


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