Wedding Cakes: Hannah and Anthin


This weekend my good friend Hannah married the love of her life. I had the absolute honour and pleasure of baking a couple of cakes for their dessert selection. It was also a little nerve-wracking as the order was for two 30cm (12″) cakes, the largest I’ve ever done!


The first was a simple vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. I quadrupled a Women’s Day recipe and made a triple batch of frosting for the cake. The roses were piped on using a size 1M star tip.


The second cake was a red velvet cake. I doubled this Donna Hay recipe and used store-bought Betty Crocker frosting to save time. This cake proved more finicky than the rose cake as the cake was drier and collapsed a little; and my smooth icing skills aren’t so great.


A tip for large cakes which I was given by Anthin’s mum is to wrap a wet tea towel in tin foil and paperclip it to the outside of the cake tin; this insulates the outside and helps stop the cake from becoming too dry on the outside.


The wedding itself was beautiful and lots of fun with good friends. So blessed to have such amazing friends!




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