Piñata Cake V2.0


I got a request to make a piñata cake last month, which I was more than happy to do. Since the last time I made one maybe a year or so ago, I’ve had a bit more practice with big cakes and was keen to see if I could improve on the presentation and visual appeal.


Last time, I cut a hole through the top of the cake, which ended up being a mistake. The frosting was quite soft and therefore melted through the gaps and made it look like it was falling apart (it kinda was). This time, I cut the top off the cake to act as a lid, cut a hole through the middle to fill with candy, then put the cake lid on top. Much better and much easier to frost too!


The cake styling was inspired by Marnee, the lovely lady behind @sugar_and_nice on Instagram. I recently visited her new store in Inglewood and all her treats are so amazing! You should go look if you live in Perth. Marnee was also lovely enough to give me some advice with my cake which was really nice of her. Yay!

My original intention was to cover the cake in ombré rose swirls, but I lost my 1M piping tip somewhere and only had a star tip – the result are these messy blob swirls. Luckily the ombré is still quite pretty so it’s not too much drama.

I unfortunately don’t have photos of the inside of the piñata cake, but apparently it was a raging success! Overall I am super pleased with how the cake turned out and am keen to keep practicing my frosting techniques.



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