Coconut Raspberry Frosting


Spring is here! Or at least it felt like it today. The sun was warm and not a cloud in the sky. What a better way to celebrate than tulip-shaped cupcakes?


Actually, I made these for a friend of mine who is moving back to her family in Adelaide. It’s a little bittersweet but I hope I can see her again soon.

Cupcakes! The cake itself is a simple vanilla recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Rule the World. I would recommend to anyone even if you’re not vegan (I’m not), the recipes are foolproof and delicious and it’s just great. I won’t post the cupcake recipe here as I don’t know if I need permission for that, but I will post the frosting recipe!


I made a vegan frosting with copha (coconut shortening) and margarine. The copha gives it a nice subtle coconut taste and is really nice. It’s important to get the copha really soft – almost melted, even. I cut it into cubes and just zap in the microwave at 30 second intervals until it gets half melted and soft.

I wanted a marbled effect with the frosting, so I set a third of the frosting aside and added defrosted frozen raspberries to it. I didn’t bank on the cold raspberries seizing up the copha in the frosting so it went a little weird; next time I will let the raspberries get to room temperature.

Vegan Frosting:

1/2 block of copha, softened
1/2 margarine, softened
3 cups icing sugar
1/2 cup frozen raspberries, defrosted and room temp.
Water as needed


Beat the copha until there’s no lumps.

Add margarine until smooth and pale.

Add icing sugar a cup at a time, blending until combined. You may need water to thin it out if it gets too thick to pipe.

Divide about a third of the frosting aside in a separate bowl. The raspberries will go in here.

Mush the raspberries through a sieve until you get a nice amount of raspberry liquid/mush. (You can set aside the seedy pulp or use it in something else like iced tea or a smoothie). If you don’t push the raspberries through a sieve, the seeds will get in the way of piping.

Get a piping bag with a large star attached. Fill one side of the bag with the raspberry frosting (this can be tricky), then fill the other with the rest of the frosting. This will create a nice marbled effect.



Icecream Youscream: Poppy’s First Birthday


It was Poppy’s first birthday last month! I feel so lucky to get to play surrogate aunt to such a sweet little girl! I had the absolute pleasure of doing the desserts for her birthday event, and making my first ever dessert table! Hooray! It was pretty easy considering, as Pop’s mum Dani planned and supplied the glassware and cake stands. All I had to do was bake. We had this planned months in advance and I was pretty pleased that everything ran pretty smoothly!

cake1This is the centrepiece cheesecake with some icecream cake pops in the foreground. The cheesecake was a simple white chocolate flavour (recipe here), topped with marshmallows and 3-4 kinds of different candy. I can’t remember what. Haha. Dani made the cake bunting! Isn’t it cute?

L1000996Let’s take a moment to enjoy this semi-panoramic shot where you can see the mini donuts I forgot to take a close-up shot of, haha.

L1000992I’m very pleased with vegan sugar cookies I made! The recipe is a vegan one from Betty Crocker and the fondant is store-bought and also vegan. The ones with the gelatin-filled icecream lollies are obviously not vegan. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest (of course), and had to try for myself (of course); it was awesome to take a bit of a risk doing something new and having it pay off. The fondant and candy are stuck to the cookies with glucose syrup! I’ve never worked with fondant before so was pleasantly surprised with the results!

L1000991 Vegan vanilla cupcakes baked in plain wafer cones. Pro tip: if you’re baking in wafer cones, don’t keep them covered overnight. They will go soft and keel over and you will have to bake another batch and be really cross with yourself. Just saying. Did I say everything went smoothly? Never mind.

L1000994My sister is a children’s party entertainer/supplier and supplied all the balloons. This one was massive! There were also clear ones filled with confetti, so pretty. Dani made the gorgeous tassels. I think if Dani my sister and I joined forces we would make the ultimate party planners! Don’t you think?