Paper Plane Adventure Cupcakes


Today I’m seeing my friends Bec and Jessie for the first time since their baby boy Ari! They are having a party for Ari today to welcome him to the world, and the theme is Adventure. Hooray!

I ummed and ahhed about what to make for awhile, mostly because I didn’t have a lit of time and had even less money. So rather than make something elaborate with fondant, I went with paper planes because they’re simple and cheap.


Jessie is a vegan so these cupcakes are too! They’re a simple vanilla cupcake with a vegan buttercream frosting made from Copha and Nuttelex. I used some scrapbooking paper and Googled how to make paper planes. So instructions for those are on Wiki!


I tried to do a marbled effect with white and blue frosting to resemble a cloudy sky, but I think there wasn’t enough contrast with the blue. So it just looks like I haven’t mixed the food dye in properly 😛


And finally sprinkles, because sprinkles are rad.



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