Catch Up Blog: Baking Jan-Mar 2014

Hello all!

I haven’t really blogged lately, mostly because I haven’t really been experimenting all that much. I’ve been doing some baking, but usually it is rushed last-minute stuff for a party or an event. I usually take a snap though, so I thought now that we’re a quarter through the year (eep), it’d be a good time to sum up a few different projects!


Some vegan chocolate cupcakes with ‘buttercream’ frosting! The frosting is a mixture of Copha, Nuttelex, vanilla extract and icing sugar. It’s super creamy and holds it’s shape well – a great vegan frosting staple. These were made for my friend Alex who runs Holy Roar Records in the UK. He was visiting Auatralia as part of the Soundwave tour with Coliseum, so these were for the band too, of which one of the members is vegan.

I also made some raw vegan walnut truffles with a sticky date filling, not pictured. The recipe is from, which I highly recommend following! These I gifted to Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan and his partner/tour manager Jess, who I promised on their 2012 tour I would make him cakes (which I’m sure he forgot about, because who remembers promises from crazy people?). They are one of my favourite bands and it is really awesome that they are kind enough to put up with crazy people throwing cake onto the stage. Ha ha!


Cookies for my friend Dani! Since baking for her wedding and baby shower, Dani and I have this great (food) relationship where she can practically get sweets on demand in exchange for catch ups, dinner, odd jobs, etc! But mostly I just love to bake and together we bounce off crazy food ideas at each other. Always a great time!


My copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World really has taken over my baking life! It’s great because I never have to need eggs, and once you buy a lot of the staple ingredients like apple cider vinegar, essences, flours etc. it’s not difficult to just whip something whenever. This is a coconut lime cupcake with lime ‘buttercream’ frosting. Excuse my old nail polish. Ick.


And finally a dairy-free carrot cake for a dinner party just over the weekend! This turned out super moist and crumbly, and was just a simple recipe off

And that’s pretty much what I’ve baked so far in 2014! It’s my brother’s 29th birthday on Thursday so I will probably squeeze another cake in before March ends. Hopefully I will be organised enough to actually blog it properly!


15 minute, Grate-able and Melt-able Vegan Cheese

Bunny Kitchen


Before I turned vegan, like  most, I was hooked on cheese. I loved it in all forms, even the smelly blues and especially the squidgy brie’s and gooey mozzarella. I expected that I would find it extremely hard to not eat cheese when I turned vegan, but in fact it wasn’t all that hard for me at all and not once since the day I declared to myself no longer a vegetarian but a vegan, did I eat an animal product again.

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