Blackforest Layered Cake Jars


First of all apologies for the dodgy pics, the sun was setting and I had to quickly throw these together to give to my friend!


So for Christmas my lovely friend Eva gave me this fabulous book:


I’m sure many vegans know Isa Moskowitz books well, so I won’t go into too much. It’s an awesome read and I’m super keen to get the cookie and pie books c: I’d been meaning to try stuff out for awhile but never got around to it, so when my friend wanted to surprise her vegan friend with treats for his birthday, I started making plans!

The simple chocolate cupcake and cherry syrup recipes are in the book so I won’t divulge too much. I tried whipping coconut cream again and this time it worked! I’d done some reading up on it and apparently the key is coconut cream without preservatives, and full fat coconut cream.

My friend had made a successful attempt using Pandaroo brand, so I tried Ayam. Out of the fridge it comes out mostly solid with a tiny layer of liquid, which I decanted. The other thing is that it’s a light grey in colour, which can be off-putting.


I used icing sugar to sweeten and offset the colour slightly.

The other thing I found out is too much arrowroot and not enough liquid on heat makes your cherry syrup into a glue! So avoid that. Ha ha!

I’d planned to use jars so my friend could transport easily, which ended up being a good idea because the coconut cream lost shape quickly.


All in all I’m really pleased with the result, the cakes are light and fluffy and don’t require too many special ingredients (unless you don’t like soy milk!). The cherry syrup is sweet and delicious. I’m not sure how the components will taste together but I’m sure I’ll find out today when my friend lets me know!


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