Goodbye, 2013

It’s the eve before New Year’s Eve and I wanted to do an end of year blog entry, as I’ve sometimes done in the past. The last few years I’ve put it on Tumblr, but I kind of feels more comfortable writing it in a blog where less people will probably see it… kind of the opposite of what a blog is meant to achieve I guess.
(I’ll probably still put it on Tumblr).

2013 has been an up and down year, much like it has been since 2010, really. I think I have to attribute that to the fact that having a partner in my life means taking their feelings and emotions and tribulations into consideration as well as my own. My partner has had a particularly tough year, whereas my 2013 was draining, but not unpleasant. I can only hope that 2014 will bring a happier time for the love of my life; although I can only see that happening with a lot of hard work and patience.

I feel like this year, like the last three years, has kind of been a year I’ve slugged my way through to get to a far-off goal that I don’t know when I’ll reach. That’s not to say I haven’t done anything this year, just that it’s been relatively quiet, and my ultimate goal of buying a house seems less and less realistically achievable within the next five years.

I traveled this year, but not much. I went to Melbourne for two weeks in Feb, and Sydney for five days in Sept. I did three trips for work – in the Pilbara twice and once near Pinjarra. I visited my parents a record four times this year, double my usual average of twice a year.

In 2013 I spent time with some great friends; this year in particular I met some friends in person that I’ve only really spoken to online or by text, even though I’ve ‘known’ them for years. This includes my lovely friend Kelly from Brisbane, and my friend Eva from the UK, who was touring the country with her band. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have them (and all my friends!) in my life, and that I live in a world and a time where my closest friends can range from halfway across the world, behind a screen, down the road, or sharing my bed.

I took the plunge this year and got a couple large tattoos from some incredible artists, both American oddly enough. My parents still don’t know, which is pretty funny. I don’t know when I’ll be brave enough to show them.

(Probably in five years time when I’m 30 and hopefully have achieved something in my life).

2013 has been a year full of promise too. My eldest brother is expecting a child in June next year, and my second eldest brother got engaged this year. It’s a happy time for my family, and I’m incredibly stoked to be around to witness it. I think my parents are relieved to see some of their children finally doing adult things like marrying and having kids too. Sorry it took about 36 years, mum and dad.

I try not to be a New Year’s Resolution kind of person; I generally have goals that just roll over into the next year. But for 2014 I’m hoping to finally dig myself out of some of the financial stress I’ve found myself in the last three years or so. I’m hoping that my partner accepts the help he needs and that I can support him. I’m hoping to hone my creativity/craftwork, my work life, my relarionships with family and friends. I hope I can exercise more, eat better (or eat more, haha), sleep read and play more.

And I really hope 2014 is the year I’m brave enough to bake macarons!


Have a wonderful 2014 everyone. xo


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2013

  1. Thanks for sharing Kim, I hope 2014 will be everything you want it to be for you and your partner. New beginnings are a wonderful time to create a new positive vibe. All the very best for a great year ahead!

  2. Awwwww! It was awesome to finally meet you in person! 😀 Thanks for always being a great friend to me ❤

    I hope you and your partner have an exciting year ahead with more ups than downs 🙂

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