Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve (Christmas in the eastern states, but we’re a few hours behind. But still ahead of US and UK!). I’m at my parent’s house and managed to find some privacy before being reluctantly carted off to midnight mass (just as I typed that my brother walked in yelling “hey Kim’s in here!” Sigh.).

I managed to squeeze in some Christmas baking and wanted to share!


Mini Christmas tree meringues! I burnt these which made me sad, so here is a pre-oven picture.


Gingerbread reindeer and mini trees! I used the trees as cupcake toppers (see below), pretty chuffed with how they turned out.


I also made a pavlova at my brother’s request, but it kind of collapsed so I’m too embarrassed to post a picture, haha. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with what I did manage to pull off. My dream is to one day have the time and money to make a Christmas dessert table!

Hope everyone has a super lovely holiday season! I’ve already stuffed my face and still have four days here before I go back home… oh dear.

Much love xo


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