Simple No Bake Cheesecake


Cheesecake is something a beginner baker can do. There are millions of recipes out there but this is how I do it – minimal ingredients with no gelatine, no fuss. Perfect for the vegetarian that eats dairy.

Biscuits of your choice (I used a packet of Oreos with the frosting scraped out), crumbs
1 tbs butter (melted)

Combine these two ingredients, and pack down into a springform tin. Chill.

500g cream cheese (softened)
300mL double thick cream
250g white chocolate (melted)

Combine all ingredients. Plop ungracefully onto base. Chill again. Note: because I used Oreos I also mixed the frosting from the cookies into the cheesecake. No waste.

Topping can be whatever you want (I used a block of fair trade milk chocolate, a Reeses peanut butter cup, wafer sticks, Flakes, Timeouts, etc). You can also top with berries.


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