Vegan Sausage Rolls and Pumpkin Zucchini Triangles

September is my favourite month of the year. Not only is it spring in Australia, but it’s also the month of birthdays – including mine and my sister’s. 🙂

My friend Anton shares the same birthday date as my sister and I wanted to make something nice for him for work tomorrow. Over the past year or two he’s taken steps to becoming vegetarian and eventually dairy free, so I thought some nice vegan treats would be perfect.


The sausage roll recipe was taken from here. I kind of had a free pumpkin on hand so decided to use that up too in curry puff like things – they ended up a bit sloppy and exploded, so next time I’ll probably thicken them somehow.

For the pumpkin puffs I boiled pumpkin and sweet potato in water with garlic, onion, and Massels vegan chicken-style stock. Once the veggies are boiled, you can strain and freeze the liquid stock for later use, or use them in soup straight away like I did (see below). Allow the pumpkin to cool then add some grated zucchini and curry powder or spices (I used garam masala, ground coriander and ground cumin).


My other pro tip is to keep your pumpkin seeds, season with salt and pepper, and roast lightly in the oven for a delicious salty snack. 🙂


This is my second time tasting the sausage rolls, and the first time making them myself. They’re delicious. You can hardly tell (besides maybe a wetter texture) that they’re not their meaty counterpart (which probably tells you about what kind of meat goes into sausage rolls). Plus blending silken tofu is fun! Hehe.



No beef! 🙂


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