WIP: Felt Accessories

Hello all!

So I’ve been getting back into jewellery making lately, a hobby I’ve had since I was about ten. I’ve even done a couple markets around Perth with my sister over the years, like Made on the Left and Upmarket, but kind of stopped a couple years ago when I started working full time and lived in a share house with no space to work (at which point I really got into baking instead I think).

Now that I’m living with just my partner and have a kind of routine going again, I’ve been working on a couple projects to keep my creative side happy. I really like felt and am kind of exploring my options with that material, without going too crazy. Here’s some of the felt bows I’ve been working on:



And some felt animals:



I’m kind of not sure where I’m going at this point but kind of hoping to either set up a Facebook/Etsy/Storenvy business page (which one I’m as yet to decide).

From my previous experience with markets I know one of my weaknesses is jumping around with too many ideas, and therefore losing customer’s interest. So I’m trying to be a little more linear with my creativity and sticking to one thing (which sounds counter-intuitive I guess, but whatever). Hopefully I’ll be able to get this off the ground and it’ll be relatively successful – not looking to live off of it, but just earn a few dollars on the side. c:


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