Rum Balls!


Making a pinata cake was a lot more disastrous than I’d previously let on. My first cake worked out perfectly, but while transferring the second out of the cake tin it completely fell apart. Not good. I set it aside to make a third cake and try forget it ever happened. (If I grieved for every cake I’ve ever botched I’d just be crying, like, all the time).

So nearly five days later, I still have bits of cake stashed in some Tupperware and it’s starting to go stale. Something has to done. I could’ve just eaten the cake as is (I’d already picked at bits of it. I’m not ashamed.), but even I can only eat so much cake.

So rum balls! Yay! I feel like rum balls are the forgotten older cousin of the flashier cake pop world. They’re essentially the same thing, but with rum. And therefore good times. This was also a fun excuse to use up some of the leftover cake toppings I had from the cupcake station 🙂


To make rum balls you really only need 3 ingredients: chocolate cake crumbs, dark rum, and frosting. People like to add stuff like dessicated coconut or chopped sultanas, but I like to keep mine simple.

Like cake pops, the texture is really important – too dry and they’ll fall apart. You don’t really need the frosting either, but it helps moisten the cake without accidentally adding too much rum. I kind of winged the ratios here, but it was roughly two cups of cake crumbs, 1/4 cup of rum, and 2 tbsp frosting. I mixed together using my hands (gloves are really handy here); it gives you a better feel for the texture – you can test by rolling a ball together and seeing if it’ll fall apart.

Roll all the balls up, coat in some melted chocolate, then place on a tray covered in cling wrap. Spoon some toppings on before the chocolate hardens (crushed hazelnuts and sprinkles in this case), then stick in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to set.

There you have it! Now you have a million delicious treats you can palm off to your friends! Hooray!



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