Piñata Cake

My friends had their baby shower on the weekend and I offered to help with food and a cupcake decorating station as an activity! Poppy was born a little prematurely so it wasn’t a baby shower so much as a welcoming for the baby, but it was heaps of fun nonetheless.

The colour scheme was rainbow which was perfect, as I wanted to make little piñatas as party favours (see earlier post in my blog). We set them up on a little table with a tree-shaped jewellery stand and some astro turf I just happen to have (don’t ask).


I made some vegan chocate and vanilla cupcakes for the cupcake station, with different coloured icing and various toppings and sprinkles. It worked out really well!




(It also got pretty messy).

And finally my chocolate piñata cake with rainbow frosting. Piñata cakes are all over the internet so I won’t go into how to make one, other than I will probably cut the top of the cake in one big section next time to avoid it sinking in the middle. The frosting kind of melted in the hour drive to the venue, and yeah the cake kind of sank where I’d cut into it to hollow it out, but otherwise it went well! There was a satisfying spilling sound of mini M&Ms as the cake was cut, which is all I wanted.


Pre-melting. I need to work on icing cakes better.


You can see where it kinda sank in the top. But look, candy!


There were some other great activities and food too, like writing cards to the baby and an AMAZING centrepiece someone made out of fruit!


And yeah, the actual baby was kind of cute too.




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