Cat Pizza Pockets

It happened.

I made food to look like cats.


These are relatively simple to make, if a bit finicky. I also haven’t worked out how to stop the pizza sauce and cheese to leak out from the bottom, but it’s fine because a) they’re cute and b) as they cool the cheese etc. solidifies, and you can discard the excess and they stay relatively whole.


Leaky cats!


Cleaned up.

So yeah, very simple. Pre-heat your oven to 175°C. Take a pizza dough recipe (I used this one:, and separate the dough into evenly sized balls. Leave extra dough for decorations like tails and cheeks. Take one ball of dough at a time and roll into a flat circular disc. Then add filling (I used tomato pizza sauce, onion, mozzarella, mushroom and capsicum/bell pepper).


It’s really important that you only use small amounts of ingredients, especially sauce. I’d also recommend chopping your filling much finer than I have in the above pic, as it makes it easier to fold/roll up. The result is a mostly doughy vaguely pizza tasting treat, but I feel the visual effect makes up for any lack of taste (and they still taste good, don’t get me wrong!).

Carefully fold/roll your dough into a ball shape, taking care not to tear the dough (if you do, just seal it up with some extra dough). I find pinching it together like a dumpling, then carefully rolling between your palms works best for me.

When you’ve got your pizza pocket, pinch the dough on one side and make your cat ears.


Add extra decorations like cheeks, tails, and faces (I used peppercorns for eyes and noses).


Repeat for the rest of your balls of dough. Once you’re done, brush the tops with an egg wash (if vegan, you can probably just skip this step or brush soy/whatever milk instead).


Bake for ~15 minutes or until golden brown on top and crispy on the outside.




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