Mini Rainbow Piñatas


When I was a lot younger (age 10-12) I was really into paper craft – origami, kirigami, decoupage, paper sculpting – it was a cheap and simple art form that entertained for hours. At some point I moved on; highschool studies for exams got in my way, and I moved on to more complicated and ‘sophisticated’ craft projects like jewellery making and painting. I forgot about the simple art of paper craft.

(Although I do remember a botched paper sculpture in highschool which maybe put me off paper craft; the whole thing fell apart and I was told sculpture was not my forté and that maybe I should try something else. Very traumatic.)

Anyway, lately I’ve rediscovered my love for paper craft and craft in general. I’m organising my friend’s baby shower and I wanted to make something special for the party favours. I’ve been totally inspired by Kitiya Palaskas ( and Geneva from ( They are both super crafty diy goddesses that are definitely worth checking out!

The tutorial and template for these mini piñatas can be found through Kitiya’s website, or you can make your own for different shapes!


I had a surprising amount of difficulty sourcing crepe paper for this project, it was really frustrating. In the end I just grabbed a pack of streamers, which ended up being exactly what I wanted and for only $2! Stoked.



I’m still not sure what to fill them with! I was thinking small coloured candy like Skittles or mini M&Ms. Definitely glitter. Haha.

More pics!




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