Baked Buffalo Wings

I love spicy food. I love American food.  One of my best friends lives in Indiana, I’ve visited her in the States twice in the eight years or so that we’ve been friends. I tend to recreate memories of my trips through food… nostalgia is delicious.


So buffalo wings! Buffalo wings always remind me of our stay in Las Vegas at the Hooters Casini Hotel, it was just a really typically fun time doing stupid things and chilling out. I used the recipe from, with the only change being that I added half a teaspoon of baking soda to the flour.

I used Sriracha hot sauce, which is a staple in most Vietnamese people’s kitchens – it’s so versatile and great in stuff like pho and as a dipping sauce.



But I’m digressing! Basically these wings are wicked delicious, and best served with ranch dressing or sour cream (see pic). They’re also super quick and easy, really great share plate or entrée for parties. Definitely recommend!


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